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Before you apply, please read the Rules and Regulations below.

Rules & Regulations

  • All members of EXO must follow these regulations in order to become a member of VA. By applying for membership, the new member thereby agrees with this regulations.
  • A new member must be at least 16 years old (Exeptions can be made). 
  • At application, a valid e-mail address will be asked. This e-mail address is only used for communication between Staff and the member.
  • All pilots must make their first flight within 14 days after the approval of  their application.
  • All pilots must execute the minimum of one flight every 60 days to be active.
  • All flights must happen at the simrate of 1x.
  • The flights of Exotic Air Virtual are executed on the network of IVAO or Offline (Offline flights must been logged and reported by ACARS system, otherwise PIREPs will be rejected).
  • Inappropriate behavior, racist or vulgar remarks are not tolerated at our airline. This can lead to immediate denunciation of your membership.



Inappropriate behaviour, or lack of respect, to others may lead to discontinuance or denunciation of the membership at VA. 

These sanctions can be as follows:  
1st offence: 7 days discontinuance of the membership
2nd offence: 14 days
3rd offence: suspension of the membership 


Ranking System

RankHoursRank Image
Suspended Pilot Suspended s
Trainee Pilot When No Flights Recorded 0
First Officer From First Flight 1
Senior First Officer 100-250 2
Captain 250-500 3
Senior Captain 500-800 4
ATP Captain 800+ 5


Account Cancelation

Each member has the right to terminate his/her account at all time. 

They are asked do so by e-mail to COO, with indication of: 

  • Name and First name
  • Pilot-ID
  • Date of cancellation
  • Reason for cancellation.


Homebases - HUBs

The Main homebase of Exotic Air Virtual is Athens, El.Venizelos International Airport (ATH/LGAV). 

The Cargo and secondary airline homebase is Souda Airport (CHQ/LGSA). 

Also, we have 3 HUBs worldwide which are: 

  • Germany: Frankfurt Main Intl Airport (FRA/EDDF)
  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai Intl. Airport (DXB/OMDB)
  • United States: Chicago O'Hare Intl. Airport (ORD/KORD)

You can find more information about it on the HUBs menu.



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