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Exotic Air Virtual is a European Virtual Airline, based at Greece.
It created on 2013 by some Flight Sim enthusiasts in order to simulate an unique virtual airline model.
We have scheduled, cargo and charter flights to many destinations worldwide and we provide a large range of modern aircraft to choose and fly.
Our aim is to add a new dimension to simulated flying.

Come and live your best exotic experience of your life....


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Select from a wide range of routes worldwide.

Modern Fleet

Fly with the latest state-of-the-art aircraft.


Discuss, get help and show your screenshots & videos.

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New upgraded Dispatch.

Extensive Flight Brief

Flight Briefing like the real ones.

Friendly Environment

Friendly pilots & active staff.




Athens, 07/08/2018

Dear Pilots,


We would like to inform you that our VA has been approved by IVAO as a Validated Virtual Airline. 
After hard tries we achieved one of our biggest goals and we are very proud of it. First of all, we would like to thank all of you, members, pilots, staff and high staff members for your help all these years. 
From now on, we can fly officialy on IVAO network with the colors of our favorite virtual airline, Exotic Air Virtual.

Τhe next days we'll make the registrations of all our pilots on IVAO VA System.

Finally, with this success our plans gets bigger. After August we will have a hard job to do, when all pilots and members will return from their vacations.

Best Regards, 
The Staff of Exotic Air Virtual