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Exotic Air Virtual is a European Virtual Airline, based at Greece.
It created on 2013 by some Flight Sim enthusiasts in order to simulate an unique virtual airline model.
We have scheduled, cargo and charter flights to many destinations worldwide and we provide a large range of modern aircraft to choose and fly.
Our aim is to add a new dimension to simulated flying.

Come and live your best exotic experience of your life....


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Select from a wide range of routes worldwide.

Modern Fleet

Fly with the latest state-of-the-art aircraft.


Discuss, get help and show your screenshots & videos.

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New upgraded Dispatch.

Extensive Flight Brief

Flight Briefing like the real ones.

Friendly Environment

Friendly pilots & active staff.




Athens, 28/03/2017

Dear Pilots,
We would like to announce you that eFLATS is available for download in the Crew Center.

eFLATS stands for Exotic Flight Logging And Tracking System, is an ACAR System of our virtual airline, developed by TFDi Design after the request of our VA in order to upgrade the PIREP logging system.


Some of the features that eFLATS provides to pilots are:

  • Fluid, dynamic user interface
  • Efficient web connectivity and data processing
  • Easily continue tracking a flight after a simulator crash
  • Intelligent flight event recording
  • Multi-bid support
  • Ability to Charter Flights
  • In-app flight searching and booking
  • Integrated pause at top of descent system
  • Integrated streaming radio by JetStream Radio with live DJ’s.
  • Altitude callout system (with the option for GPWS or copilot callouts)
  • Flight attendant announcements
  • Customizable sound packs with extensive documentation
  • Automatic login
  • Integrated traffic map
  • Customizable experience
  • With Premium: Restore your flight progress from the cloud after a simulator or computer crash.
  • With Premium: Customize the theme of the interface.
  • With Premium: Mobile App for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.